Mauju comes as an efficient software solution for invoice management and payment tracking. Designed for small businesses, freelancers, and independent professionals, Mauju offers a variety of features that make daily business operations easier.

Create Invoices in Seconds

One of Mauju’s main advantages is its ability to create professional invoices in seconds. With an intuitive interface, users can choose from hundreds of well-designed invoice templates. These templates can be customized with logos, color schemes, and other business details, ensuring that each invoice reflects the company’s brand identity. This fast process saves valuable time that would normally be spent on manual invoicing.

Effective Payment Tracking

Mauju also comes with advanced payment tracking features. Users can easily monitor the status of payments, both those that have been received and those that are still pending. This information is presented in real time, allowing users to always know their financial position. This effective tracking helps avoid payment delays and ensures stable cash flow.

Automatic Reminders for Payments

One very helpful feature of Mauju is the automatic reminders for payments. Users can set the system to send reminders to clients who have not paid their invoices. These reminders can be set according to the desired schedule, ensuring that clients receive timely notifications without the need for manual intervention from the user. This feature not only saves time but also helps speed up the payment process.

Recurring Invoice Settings

For businesses with recurring transactions, Mauju offers an automatic recurring invoice setup feature. Users can schedule sending invoices at certain intervals, such as weekly or monthly. This is especially beneficial for businesses that offer subscription services or have long-term contracts with clients, reducing the administrative burden and ensuring timely payments.

Guaranteed Data Security

Mauju takes data security very seriously. All financial information is stored securely in the cloud, ensuring that sensitive data is protected from security threats. Users can rest easy knowing that their business information is secure and can be accessed at any time from any device.


Mauju is an innovative and efficient software solution for invoice management and payment tracking. With the ability to create invoices in seconds, track payments in real time, and send automated reminders, Mauju helps businesses to improve operational efficiency and ensure healthy cash flow. Try Mauju today and experience the ease of managing your business finances.